About jollyrog

Thanks for checking out my blog! It was
started in January 2008, and then took an unintended hiatus
from May 2008 until the present, which is late February 2009.
With the promise of a new season comes the promise to update
the blog more regularly (dare I say after every game?), but
we’ll see how it goes. So a bio of me, eh? Well, I have been
a proud Pittsburgher for nearly five years. I moved out here
to get my Master’s, and over the course of my graduate
studies, a most unexpected thing occured — I fell in love
with Pittsburgh. Now, when asked when I will leave, my
response is, “when the hearse drags me out, baby!” I live and
work in the East End, and spend every free moment that I have
watching, listening to, reading about, or contemplating the
Buccos. I’m also really involved in my church, and pitch for
our softball team. I am also the proud “mama” of two adorable
cats, Kitty and Kato, who are kind enough to tolerate my
yelling at blown saves and poor pitching, not to mention my
annual last-day-of-the-season sobfest. I’ve always loved
baseball, and was actually a Yankees’ fan (ew!) until about
four years ago. That was the first time I went to PNC Park,
and saw what would become my beloved Bucs. Something about
the way they were trying, and the atmosphere in the park, and
the deep interrelationship between the city and the team
really appealed to me. My first summer in Pittsburgh, when
many of my school friends returned home, the Pirates kept me
company, in a way. And thus the love affair was born.


Watching and listening to the Bucs,
reading, playing softball, going for walks, enjoying the
cultural and historical life of our great city, watching bad
reality TV.